About Us



Garman Distributors, LLC and Abuela’s Gourmet Kitchen™ are positioned to satisfy the growing appetite for Hispanic cuisine. Our goal is to produce a product that is natural with no preservatives and is prepared “like grandma used to make”. It’s healthy and authentic, made with locally sourced ingredients, and our family recipes. The finished product arrives to the customer frozen in a sous-vide bag (boil and serve), allowing anyone to prepare an exquisite meal without any culinary experience.


We deliver the quality, expertise, and the products our customers need to create successful food solutions and a memorable experience. We are a family owned and managed food service company that also services retail outlets and C-Stores. Our team is committed to the customers we serve, and we love our working experience. Our diverse menu of Hispanic items, offers an endless flexibility for the professional and the home cook.

Use our prepared foods for the center of the plate or create a recipe of your own. Simply add your imagination to our homemade dishes, make them your own for a truly inspiring presentation. The Hispanic food segment is growing double digits per year. The Hispanic population is swelling to 35 million people with over one trillion dollars in disposable income; this segment is poised for explosive future growth.



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